2015 Season

2014 Season



7/25/15 - SELLM - Tri-County Speedway - Hudson, NC - Highs and lows of having 2 boys running the same series ..... Doug was charging hard and running in 2nd but around lap 95 he blew up.... Trent was up to 5th at that time.. Trent restarted 4th and came across in 2nd. Thanks to everyone!!! What a night !! 
7/11/15 - Cars Tour - Motor Mile Speedway Radgord, VA - Doug finished 5th and Trent finished 13th. 
5/9/15​ - Cars Tour - Hickory Motor Speedway - Doug qualified 8th and finished 15th. Trent qualified 14th and finished 10th.  
4/18/15 - 2nd race was at Orange County Speedway in Lucama, NC. Doug qualified 7th in the 150 lap and after numerous cautions he came across the checkered flag in 15th.  Trent qualified 23rd but had to pit numerous times for what ended up being a faulty alternator. He still ended up with a 21st place finish for the night. 
3/28/15 - 1st race of the Cars Tour season at Southern National Motorsports Park. Friday practice was cancelled because of rain. On race day, Doug qualified 17th and Trent qualified 25th. Unfortunately, it was on only lap 19 of the 150 lap feature that would end Doug's run when another car hooked him into the wall and he had significant damage and couldn't continue. Trent worked his way up from his 25th starting position and after quite a few cautions, he came across the checkered flag in 11th position of the 30 car field. Great job by all the crew and a big thank you to Scott Whitaker and everyone at J&J Motorsports for the cars.

Myrtle Beach Speedway proved to be an exciting weekend for Barnes Racing. Both boys ran well in practice. Saturday night was definitely a high as Trent captured the pole out of the 25 cars in the SELLM Challenger Race. He led every lap in the 50 lapper race and came across the checkered flag for his first Limited Late Model win and ended his 2014 racing season on a high note. 

Doug qualified 8th out of 43 cars for Sunday evening's SELLM 100 lap race. Due to rain, they did not run the Last Chance race which would have narrowed the huge field to only 28 cars. After running 25 laps that they took to dry the track, all 43 cars took the green. About 30 laps in, Doug had raced his way up to 3rd and was saving his tires. He fell back to 5th and with 25 laps to go a car jumped the start and went on top of the car in front of Doug and into the wall. Doug had nowhere to go and ended up with a lot of damage. His pit crew got him back out before the green and he worked his way back up to an 18th place finish. Big thanks to J&J Motorsports for the excellent cars this weekend. 


9/13/14 - What a night for Trent to finish his 1st Limited Late Model season ! He came across the checkers in 2nd with a wild finish to the line for tonight's final race, he came in 2nd in his division's championship missing it by only 14 points and grabbed Limited Late Model Rookie of the Year !!!
- After a long night with a rain delay, engine issues and multiple restarts for the Twin Limited Late Model races at Hickory Motor Speedway, Trent brought it home 7th in his first race and 3rd in the second race bringing him back into points contention! We can't thank J&J Motorsports enough for everything they do week in and week out ! 

- At Southern National Motorsports Park for the Pro Cup race, Doug never once fell out of the top 5! He rode around in 4th for the first segment, but in the last three laps he made a pass for third. In the second segment he got around 2nd place before developing a soft pedal again. He lost 2nd with about 70 to go and then he had a 35 lap battle for third. He finished third and also won Rookie of the Race! Big thanks to Bob Schacht Motorsports for everything!
9/6/14 - Trent will be heading back to Hickory for the Limited Late Model Twin races and Doug will be heading to Southern National Motorsports Park in Kenly, NC for the Golden Leaf 200 in the Cars X-1R Pro Cup, it will be Doug's 4th race in that series. 
8/30/14- Not the best night for Barnes Racing but that's racing! Trent qualified 14th and his clutch ended up going up during his 50 lapper and finished in 14th at the end of the race out of the 22 cars in the Limited Late Model class. Doug's race was 150 laps and after a couple different issues his motor blew up on lap 147 ending his night a couple laps short. Doug ended up finishing 22nd out of 27 in the Late Model division. 
8/16/14 - Trent went to Hickory with J&J Motorsports for his Limited Late Model race. He qualified 7th and came home across the checkers in a solid 3rd place finish. Doug went to Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, VA for X1-R Pro Cup Series for Bob Schacht Motorsports. Doug qualified 4th and brought home a 4th place finish in his 4th start in this series. Both boys ran some good races tonight!
8/9/14 - No racing again this weekend, rained out again at Hickory. 
8/2/14 - Short track action going on at Hickory this weekend. Trent brought home 5th and Doug 6th in their classes.
7/19/14 - Rain kept everyone away for racing tonight at Hickory. 
6/28/14: First for Barnes Racing.. Doug & Trent were racing at different tracks tonight. -Trent went to Hickory to race in his Limited Late Model for J&J. He had a great night, he qualified 3rd and finished 3rd for the evening. Doug went to Myrtle Beach Speedway to run in the X1-R Pro Cup Series for Bob Schacht Motorsports. After heavy downpours in between their two practices, qualifying was determined by owner points so Doug started last out of the 15 Pro Cup cars running. Doug ran up as high as the 5th place spot until his tires starting going away but respectfully came across to the checkered flag in the 7th position in his 2nd Pro Cup start.  
6/14/14: Doug and Trent both started on the outside pole in their classes for this past Saturday's race at Hickory. Doug led 41 laps of the caution free 100 lapper and ran his tires pretty hard but held on to a 5th place finish in his #88 Late Model. Trent ran a great race finishing up in 4th for another caution free 35 lapper in his #1 Limited Late Model.
UPDATE - 6/7/14: Doug ended up running at Hickory instead of Motor Mile. We wish Bob Schact a speedy recovery and Doug will run either 6/28/14 at Myrtle Beach or on 8/9/14 Pro Cup race at Motor Mile instead. 
- Doug qualified 11th and worked his way up to a solid 7th place running position. Unfortunately, his left front tire was cut with 2 to go so Doug came to the checkered flag in 14th tonight.
 - Trent qualified 6th and after the first caution free race of the season ended up in a solid 5th finishing position. After tech for the evening, Trent was awarded 4th.
Saturday 6/7/14 will be an interesting first for Barnes Racing taking them to different tracks for racing this upcoming weekend. Trent will race in his 9th race at Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, NC while Doug will be making his 2nd Pro Cup start in his #88 for Bob Schacht Motorsports at Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, VA in the Rev Oil Pro Cup series. (formerly known as the Hooters Cup series)
5/31/14 - After qualifying outside pole, Trent ran into trouble mid-race but worked his way back up to an 11th place finish. While Doug qualified in 11th, he worked his way up to a solid 2nd place. 
5/24/14 - Race # 7 is in the books
... Trent finished 4th again and is currently the points leader for his class with a slight lead over 2nd place and is also Rookie point leader in the Limited Late Model class. He continues to work his way through traffic and has made his way to Victory Lane a few times this season so far. Although, he has not won a race yet, I would keep my eye on him for the rest of the season, he is steadily working on it.   
---- Doug has ran into a bit of trouble the past few races and unfortunately has been in the wrong place at the wrong time resulting in a couple DNF's. J&J has continued to give him a great ride and has put him back into the mix each week. Doug proves to be one of the fastest cars on the track each week. We look forward to seeing Doug get back into Victory Lane soon in his Late Model class. 
3/8/14 - Season opener at Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, North Carolina proved to be an awesome start to the season for Doug and Trent both. Trent got the pole in his 1st ever start in the Limited Late Model division and Doug followed suit with his pole in the Late Model Division. Both ran into a bit of trouble once the racing started but both cars rolled into the J&J Motorsports trailer in good condition. Trent finished 8th and Doug brought home 14th in the first race. 
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